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FGC Idoani Alumni Association

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F.G.C Idoani Alumni Association

We are a non-profit organization focusing on services, programs, and activities that foster goodwill towards our Alumni all over the world, identifying key volunteers and providing information to alumni and friends.

The FGC Idoani Alumni community is a strong network of ladies and gentlemen who share an undeniable sense of attachment to Federal Government College, Idoani, Ondo State. They contribute their talents as professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs far and wide and this website was designed to help stay in touch and maintain the bond.

We invite you to join us as we continue to promote and ensure the success of our Alma Mater.

AGM 2023


School Anthem

FGC Idoani, we greet thee.
FGC Idoani, we love thee.
To show academic excellence: this is our goal.
The unity of our dear nation: this is our pride.
And due respect to our government, this we shall keep.
The beauty of good behaviour, we shall uphold.
We greet thee, dear principal,
We hail thee, all our staff.
And we will always keep in mind, FGC Idoani.
Yes, this will be our source of pride, FGC Idoani ! ”

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