Message from the President’s Desk

President’s Welcome

On behalf of the National Executive Committee (ExCo), I would like to greet and acknowledge all alumni members, the early sets who started the National Alumni Association and gave it their all, all those who used their homes, spent money and made significant sacrifices to host the early members and meetings, the Interim ExCo for the fantastic work they did, and finally, to the current National ExCo and to all who voted us into office.

I must highlight the initiative of the previous ExCo led by President John Osode, the decision to handover to an interim ExCo could not have been easy but it was clearly in the best interest of the alumni as a whole and I commend them for this sacrifice. I was privileged to attend the National alumni meeting that birthed the interim ExCo which has subsequently led us to where we are today.

The Vision for the FGCID National Alumni Association is to have a presence and a voice in the affairs of the school and more importantly, to strengthen the network and empower alumni members in any capacity required. To accomplish this, you can be rest assured that I, along with the ExCo and support of the entire Association will be committed to pursuing any and every opportunity to actualize the aforementioned vision.

Obviously, for an Association that requires building from the foundation up, we have quite a bit of structural evaluations and interventions to conclude on. I promise you, we have been strategizing and working to deliver on mandates as promised and I am happy to report that we are ahead of schedule. Some of the immediate goals accomplished include the regularisation of the Association with CAC, the creation and dissemination of the National Alumni Association Code of Conduct, the active generation of an Alumni Database and the creation of Operative Committees with clear Terms of Reference which will move our Association forward. Even though we have a long way to go, we are well underway and updates will be shared with the Association periodically.

I would like to wrap up by thanking you all again for your confidence in us. We are all in this together as we recognize we cannot do this alone. We are open to your recommendations and would like to continue to seek your support as we elevate the Association to greater heights. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

…and this shall continue to and always be our source of pride…………….PRO UNITATE!!!!!!

Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Abimbola Akintade
President, FGCID National Alumni Association

Message from the President’s Desk