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The welfare committee has been saddled with the responsibility of creating “a life fishing opportunity” to interested members of the FGCID Alumni Association and in the past weeks the committee has gone to town to shop for life coaches that have distinguished themselves amongst others in their chosen fields.

Their responsibility was also backed by the fact that not everyone can or will be employed so it is time we decide our fate and hold it in our hands. We also reckon that a very good number of us are currently unemployed and are desirous of learning an art.

To this end, the committee is happy to announce to the house that we have engaged some professional entrepreneurs to coach interested members in the following fields :

1. Pig Farming
2. Fish Farming
3. Bespoke Fashion Design (unisex)
4. Bespoke Interior Decorations
5. Public Speaking (MC)

Please be informed that this trainings comes FREE OF CHARGE.

Kindly click on the button below to register.

Please note that registration closes on the 10th of February 2017. And training starts on the 20th of February 2017.

We implore all set reps to send this message to their respective group chats.

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FGCID Mentorship