F.G.C Idoani

Brief History

faviconWith the creation of the old Ondo State (now Ondo and Ekiti State) in 1976, the third generations of Federal Government College were established. Specifically, Fed Govt. College Idoani was established on 20th February 1978.

The school with a pioneering student’s population of 72 on roll had her first Principal in person of Mr. (now chief) Mike Afolabi Omotade. Some of the pioneer members of staff include Late Alhaji M.O Shadare (Bursar) Mr. Femi Oni and Mr. L.O Anosike. Record has it that the first student to arrive the college was one Miss Talatu Mohammed from Maiduguri.

The school moved to its permanent site along Idoani – Idogun road in phases. First the pioneer students in their fourth year 1980/81 session while the rest of the students moved in September 1981. It’s now occupying a vast expanse of land between the two communities of Idoani and Idogun.

Federal Government College, Ido-ani, like other Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria, was created by the Nigerian government as one of the federally funded “Unity schools” to bring together students from regions across Nigeria. The school has facilities for both boarding and day students. Students range from Junior Secondary One (JS1) through Senior Secondary Three (SS3). Students must complete the Federal Common Entrance Exams in order to apply for attendance.

For those that lived on campus, both females and males lived in different hostels; subdivided into house colors, mainly RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE. While each house color consists of at least 4 room, each room is mainly occupied by those at the same class level or grade level with an addition person to manage the affairs of the room, this person would in most cases if not all, be an SS3 student. Among all federal government colleges created, FGC idoani had students who were very very outstanding and brilliant students who were exceptionally gifted as well as recording success in sport at the biannual FEDCOL games .

Past Administrations

Since 1978 when the school was established, some of the Principals have taken their turns to administer the school at one time or the other.

Below is the list of Principals and their period of stewardship in the college.

  • Mr. Omotade, M.A (1978 – 1985)
  • Mr. Olaoye, E.O (1985 – 1987)
  • Mr. Akindoju (1987 – 1990)
  • Mr. Ojonuba J.U (1991 – 1995)
  • Mr. Adewale J.O (1995 – 1999)
  • Mr. Akinwomoju, N.A (1999 – 2002)
  • Mr. Omole (Ag Principal) (2002 – (Nov – Dec))
  • Mrs. Fasina (Ag Principal) (2003 (Jan – June))
  • Mrs. Abolaji A.A (July 2003 – 2005)
  • Mr. Aderinto T.A (2006 – 2007)
  • Mrs. Fasina F.O (Ag Principal) (Jan 2007 – Sept 2008)
  • Mr. Ogbe R.A (Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2010)
  • Mal. Alfa Abdullahi (Jan 2010 – July 2013)
  • Mrs. Adu Bolanle (Ag Principal) (August 2013 – August 1st 2014)
  • Mr. Chega S.G (August 2014)
  • Dr. Mrs. Tokunbo Yakubu-Oyinloye (FCAI) – Current Principal

School Anthem

FGC Idoani, we greet thee.
FGC Idoani, we love thee.
To show academic excellence: this is our goal.
The unity of our dear nation: this is our pride.
And due respect to our government, this we shall keep.
The beauty of good behaviour, we shall uphold.
We greet thee, dear principal,
We hail thee, all our staff.
And we will always keep in mind, FGC Idoani.
Yes, this will be our source of pride, FGC Idoani ! ”

F.G.C Idoani