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PHC Chapter Report

Greetings from the National Treasure Base. The first and very best! The chapter flowing with life, wealth and excess crude. It is an honour to reach out to you with good news from the East of the Niger. Only one read will convince you beyond every shadow of doubt. We are pumping and kicking redolent with life. Hey! No Standing! No loitering! No Hawking! No Rigmarolling! Unique especial chapter, Keep Moving!

END OF YEAR PARTY: We closed the last quarter with an extra-ordinary end of year party on 5th December, 2016. This program was a full blown publicity strategy and we had 36 members in attendance and over 25 other guests and children. It was targeted at informing all and sundry of a vibrant especial Port Harcourt Chapter. Features included special kid’s mascots, barbecues, raffle draws, interrogative games, dance dance dance, miming sessions, photographs and lots of fun.

Port Harcourt Chapter officially kicked off activities as a chapter on March 5th 2017. We had a calculated break in January still gamboling in the euphoria of our December end of year Party and the festive season. The February 5th meeting was the initial intended start date but the meeting was postponed few days to meeting as a result of the planned IPOB Protest scheduled for the same day. The protest was planned in solidarity with Donald Trumps inauguration and eventually turned out to be fatal. Thank God we sought caution.

Since inception, God has blessed the Port Harcourt Chapter with multiple weddings left right and centre. Just in case you have a wedding agenda, a visit to Port Harcourt will settle you down with one of your kind. No doubts!
1. Michael Elege (Dadon)
2. Ebitimi & Tari (both Members)
3. Precious Ekweozor &Valerie

Also, Port Harcourt Chapter has celebrated manifold child births and dedications

1. Uchenna Ekweozor Amaewhule & Family
2. Adedayo Ekop & Family
3. Michael Elege (Dadon) & Family

March 5th was primarily a flag off of our robust member welfare package which we prioritized as our most prized Goal as a chapter. President Architect Ani Chikwado (1988 set) shared this vision which has since been adopted with outstanding results. This package seeks to highlight individual member welfare as our most important target. A welfare purse fully funded by member commitments was inaugurated. This affords a representation visit and cash support for faithful and committed members. We officially take on individual member birth anniversaries, child birth and dedication, death of member close relative, wedding ceremonies and every other major felicitation opportunity. No doubts this introduction has brought in a fresh wave of member commitment and family bond.

Our current online group membership is 51 which has risen from about 43 in December 2016. We have 29 duly registered members. However, having a consistent regular meeting attendance of about 25 members on the average has been a herculean task. We hope to go all out in the next quarter running with our member welfare drive to a climax of at least 35-40 members attending our June 4th meeting.

Humble Okere.

PHC Chapter Report